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Minecraft Skin
Chris by henryca03
One Minecraft skin plus a papercraft template.

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MC Skin 6-pack
6teen Minecraft by henryca03
Commission five skins and receive the sixth for free.

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United States
My name is Adam, and I'm just about your average geek from rural Georgia (a small dirt road town about 3 hours southeast from Atlanta and somewhere in the middle of the Macon, Augusta and Savannah triad).

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Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise posted, my work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

My permission is not explicitly required, but highly recommended and appreciated, to use my work, and you are free to modify and make derivatives of my work so long as I receive full credit for my work. I won't actively enforce the "ShareAlike" provision (but I prefer you have it if you adapt my work); however, I will enforce the "Attribution" provision.

TL;DR: You can do almost anything with my MC skins and builds, so long as you give me credit as the original creator and don't claim them as your own.

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Kelly and Taylor by henryca03
Kelly and Taylor
Kelly and Taylor, the mom and daughter team, rendered in MC form.
Total Drama Master Ranking by henryca03
Total Drama Master Ranking
This is my master ranking for all 51 teenagers in the Total Drama series. For this, I am not ranking Chris, Chef Hatchet, or Blaineley.

Updated 07/06/2015.

For my reasoning for my rankings, check out my rankings for the individual cast generations.
1st Gen Rankings
2nd Gen Rankings
3rd Gen Rankings

Cast ranking (from most favorite on the top row to least favorite on the bottom row):
  1. Izzy
  2. Heather
  3. Lindsay
  4. Brick
  5. Alejandro
  6. Noah
  7. Jasmine
  8. Dawn
  9. Shawn
  10. Jo
  11. Ella
  12. Cody
  13. Gwen
  14. Duncan
  15. Dakota
  16. Max
  17. Owen
  18. Leshawna
  19. DJ
  20. Samey
  21. Scarlett
  22. Sam
  23. Harold
  24. Scott
  25. Beth
  26. Lightning
  27. Amy
  28. Sierra
  29. Sky
  30. Bridgette
  31. Geoff
  32. Anne Maria
  33. Courtney
  34. Tyler
  35. Trent
  36. Cameron
  37. Topher
  38. Beardo
  39. B
  40. Eva
  41. Staci
  42. Dave
  43. Sugar
  44. Rodney
  45. Sadie
  46. Katie
  47. Zoey
  48. Leonard
  49. Justin
  50. Mike
  51. Ezekiel

Original Meme Template
© edns
CC-BY-SA for my work.
TD 3rd Gen Rankings by henryca03
TD 3rd Gen Rankings
My rankings of the third generation cast of Total Drama from worst to best. You don't necessarily have to agree with my opinions; however, I do ask that you respect them, and I will give you the same courtesy in return. For each character, I will attempt to find one thing I liked about them and one thing I didn't like.

Updated: 07/06/2015

14. Leonard
(+): His believing that he is a real wizard was somewhat funny.
(-): I don't think combining Harold and Cameron into one character was a good (or original) idea. Also, his voice was annoying.

13. Rodney
(+): I feel sorry for him that he can't properly express himself to women (even though he is susceptible to puppy love).
(-): He could have been eliminated first and nothing would change about the overall plot.

12. Sugar
(+): She has her hilarious moments. Also, the Southern stereotype is not as played up as I would've figured (considering I live in the same part of Georgia as Sugar's inspiration).
(-): While she's effective as a villain, she was very obnoxious and doesn't quite have the same charisma as past TD villains.

11. Dave
(+): Every generation needs its token sane man (though his germophobia makes his sanity somewhat questionable).
(-): He felt he was entitled to Sky, making him a worse misogynist than Ezekiel.

10. Beardo
(+): His sound effects were humorous.
(-): Like Staci before him, had he kept his mouth shut, he might have lasted longer.

9. Topher
(+): His man-crush on Chris is funny.
(-): He was too focused on himself and taking over as host.

8. Sky
(+): She is NOTHING like Zoey; Sky has shown she is not Little Miss Perfect.
(-): The drama of her and Dave's "relationship" dragged on too long.

7. Amy
(+): Every generation needs its Queen Bee (However, Heather is still the Queen Bee for the series as a whole).
(-): She acts like a spoiled kindergartener.

6. Scarlett
(+): I liked how she had a hidden villainous side.
(-): Her arc as a villain was abandoned too quickly.

5. Samey
(+): Her standing up to Amy was satisfying.
(-): Her character arc ended too early (although I felt she wasn't final 4 material).

4. Max
(+): Best comedy relief character in a while.
(-): As a villain, however, he pales in comparison to past TD villains.

3. Ella
(+): She is adorableness personified.
(-): Her singing was a bit annoying at times.

2. Shawn

(+): When not in panic mode, he's a pretty swell guy.
(-): He's too quick to abandon his friends when in panic mode.

1. Jasmine
(+): She was the sister figure that Samey deserved.
(-): She's a bit too hot-tempered, especially in her relationship with Shawn.

Original meme template © Emperor-Lucas
CC-BY-SA for my work

1st Gen Cast Rankings
2nd Gen Cast Rankings
Overall Cast Rankings
TD 1st Gen Rankings Meme by henryca03
TD 1st Gen Rankings Meme
Updated to reflect my opinions after Season 5 (All-Stars/Pahkitew Island).

My rankings of the first generation cast of Total Drama from worst to best. You don't necessarily have to agree with my opinions; however, I do ask that you respect them, and I will give you the same courtesy in return. For each character, I will attempt to find one thing I liked about them and one thing I didn't like.

Note: I do not rank Blaineley here because I consider her time as a contestant on World Tour as a fluke.

24. Ezekiel
(+): His "never give up" attitude in World Tour could have been an endearing quality...
(-): ...If he hadn't turned into a feral freak and basically reduced to a joke which is not funny.

23. Justin
(+): He did not deserve to be voted out by Heather's manipulation in Island.
(-): His status as an antagonist seemed to be forcibly shoehorned in. Besides being eye-candy, Justin otherwise lacks a definitive personality.

22. Katie
(+): She had her funny moments.
(-): Her character was completely redundant; Katie is basically a dark-skinned Lindsay clone without the charm.

21. Sadie
(+): She had more opportunity for development than Katie.
(-): Unfortunately, her character was hard to separate from Katie.

20. Eva
(+): Her angry outbursts were funny at times.
(-): Unfortunately, said outbursts came at the cost of her character development.

19. Trent
(+): He did not deserved to get dumped.
(-): The No. 9 obsession came from completely nowhere.

18. Tyler
(+): He never cheated on Lindsay.
(-): Besides his relationship with Lindsay and getting hurt constantly, he was otherwise easily forgettable.

17. Courtney
(+): I did feel sorry for her after Duncan cheated on her.
(-): She was a big time drama queen, and not in a good way, since her return in Action.

16. Geoff
(+): He knows how to have a good time.
(-): Him turning into Chris 2.0 in Action was completely out of character.

15. Bridgette
(+): For the most part, she was friends with most everyone.
(-): In her relationship with Geoff, she was hypocritical. She berates Geoff for even alluding to cheating on her, yet she flirted with Alejandro.

14. Sierra
(+): I liked it whenever she made Chris uncomfortable.
(-): Her obsession with Cody, and later Cameron, was beyond creepy.

13. Beth
(+): In her own way, she was adorable.
(-): She is too easily manipulated.

12. Harold
(+): I like it when a nerd can stand up to a bully.
(-): Him rattling off about his supposed skills was annoying.

11. DJ
(+): Like Bridgette, he was friends with most everyone.
(-): The "animal curse" gag in World Tour dragged on too long.

10. Leshawna
(+): I liked how she gave Heather crap.
(-): She was a little too hot headed.

9. Owen
(+): It's hard to hate on a fun loving guy who wants to be everyone's best friend.
(-): His return in Action was not necessary.

8. Duncan
(+): I like his "middle finger to society" attitude.
(-): He shouldn't have cheated on Courtney, and he shouldn't have pined for Courtney while he was with Gwen.

7. Gwen
(+): In a show full of exaggerated stereotypes, her personality was probably the most realistic.
(-): Her love life was focused on too heavily, which significantly hurt her (and others') character development.

6. Cody
(+): In some ways, I can relate to him.
(-): He could have treated Sierra better in World Tour.

5. Noah
(+): He had a sharp tongue, and he was a good foil to Izzy's craziness.
(-): He was a bit too smug in Island.

4. Alejandro
(+): He played the game better than Heather in some cases.
(-): The "Darth Alejandro" scene at the end of World Tour was a fairly cheap gag.

3. Lindsay
(+): Who doesn't like a cute, but dumb blonde girl?
(-): She wasn't exactly faithful to Tyler.

2. Heather
(+): She puts the "drama" in Total Drama.
(-): She went too far when she betrayed Lindsay in "That's Off the Chain!".

1. Izzy
(+): Cute and completely crazy, she was fun to watch.
(-): Her name gag was a bit annoying.

Template was custom-made by me.

2nd gen cast ranking
3rd gen cast ranking
Overall cast ranking

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