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Adam H.
United States
I'm just about your average geek, born and raised in rural Georgia in a small community called Kite. No, the town is not named for the toy; it's actually named after the town's founder. It is almost halfway between Macon and Savannah, an hour and half south of Augusta, and nearly 3 hours southeast of Atlanta.

Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise stated, my work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

My permission is not required, but highly recommended, to use my work, and you are free to modify and make derivatives of my work so long as I receive full credit for my work.

With attribution, you're allowed to:
  • Use almost any MC skin I've posted in your own images
  • Reimagine any image I post (i.e. redoing my image in another style)

You're forbidden from:
  • Reposting any image I made and claiming it as your own
  • Recoloring my skins and claiming them as your own

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TD MC Halloween 1st Gen (Screaming Gophers) by henryca03
TD MC Halloween 1st Gen (Screaming Gophers)
One half of the first generation Total Drama cast (Screaming Gophers plus Alejandro) dressed for Halloween. The theme is the Pokemon anime.

  • Alejandro as James (Kojirō)
  • Beth as May (Haruka)
  • Cody as Ash (Satoshi)
  • Gwen as Officer Jenny (Junsar)
  • Heather as Jessie (Musashi)
  • Izzy as Misty (Kasumi)
  • Justin as Giovanni (Sakaki)
  • Leshawna as Iris
  • Lindsay as Nurse Joy
  • Noah as Gary (Shigeru)
  • Owen as Tracey (Kenji)
  • Trent as Brock (Takeshi)
Total Drama MC Halloween 1st Gen (Killer Bass) by henryca03
Total Drama MC Halloween 1st Gen (Killer Bass)
One half of the first generation Total Drama cast (Killer Bass plus Sierra) dressed for Halloween. The theme is a cross between DC's Teen Titans and Young Justice.

  • Bridgette as Zatanna (YJ)
  • Courtney as Miss Martian (YJ)
  • DJ as Cyborg (TT)
  • Duncan as Superboy (YJ)
  • Eva as Artemis (YJ)
  • Ezekiel as Beast Boy (TT)
  • Geoff as Robin (TT)
  • Harold as Aqualad (TT)
  • Katie as Starfire (TT)
  • Sadie as Raven (TT)
  • Sierra as Wonder Girl (YJ)
  • Tyler as Kid Flash (YJ)
Total Drama MC Halloween 2nd Gen by henryca03
Total Drama MC Halloween 2nd Gen
The second generation Total Drama cast dressed for Halloween. The theme is Nintendo, more specifically Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS.
  • Anne Maria as Princess Zelda from Legend of Zelda
  • B as Wario from WarioWare
  • Brick as Link from Legend of Zelda
  • Cameron as Pit from Kid Icarus
  • Dakota as Princess Peach from Super Mario
  • Dawn as Rosalina from Super Mario
  • Jo as Samus Aran from Metroid
  • Lightning as Fox McCloud from StarFox
  • Mike as Luigi from Super Mario
  • Sam as Mario from Super Mario
  • Scott as Captain Falcon from F-Zero
  • Staci as Ness from Earthbound
  • Zoey as the Female Trainer from Wii Fit

I better address some issues before I get asinine comments:

  1. "Why isn't Zoey dressed as Princess Daisy to match Mike's Luigi costume?"  
    • Princess Daisy isn't a playable character in Smash Bros.
  2. "Why doesn't Jo have Samus' arm cannon?" 
    • Skin format is 64x32.
  3. "Why are villains (e.g. Jo, Lightning, Scott) dressed as heroes?" 
    • There aren't many playable villains in Smash Bros.
  4. "Why is Staci dressed as a male character?" 
    • I'm citing "Female to Male Crossplay" as my answer.
  5. "Why doesn't Cameron's costume have wings?" 
    • Skin limitations.
As I mentioned in two journals last November, two of Atlanta's professional sports teams, the Falcons of the NFL and the Braves of MLB, will be getting new stadiums in 2017, with construction on both underway. While the Georgia Dome is all but guaranteed to be demolished, Turner Field may get a reprieve from the wrecking ball. Georgia State University, Atlanta's other major public university, in late April/early May that it is seeking to acquire Turner Field and its surrounding parking areas. Georgia State intends to renovate Turner Field into a 30,000 seat stadium for its fledgling football program (who happen to play in the Georgia Dome currently to sparse crowds), build a new 2,500 seat baseball park on the footprint of the former Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, and new student housing, academic buildings and retail spaces in the parking lots surrounding the current ballpark. While Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed states that he has a strong preference for Georgia State's proposal, at least three other redevelopment proposals are up for consideration, possibly all of which would involve complete demolition of Turner Field.
Breaking Scax by henryca03
Breaking Scax
Max and Scarlett crossed with Breaking Bad.

Scarlett would most definitely be Walter White and Max as Jesse Pinkman.

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